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Panagiotis Chrysopoulos





  • Μ.Α. in Philosophy. Course «History of Philosophy», Department of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.


  • Bachelor’s Degree. Department of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens – major: Philosophy (Grade: 7.05, Very Good).





  • Certificate of Achievement on “Philosophy of Technology and Design: Shaping the Relations between Humans and Technologies”, University of Twente via futurelearn.com.


  • Honor Code Certificate on “HIST229x: Was Alexander Great?”, WELLESLEYx via edx.org.




  • Chrysopoulos, P., Kalligeris, J., «Avatar: a postphenomenological approach on immersion». Conatus Journal of Philosophy 1, no. 2 (2016): 37 – 48. 





  • «CRISPR/CAS9: το μετέωρο βήμα του βιοηθικού» [“CRISPR/CAS9: the hovering step of a bioethicist”], World Bioethics Day 2018: Solidarity and Cooperation (Greece), October 19, NKUoA Main Hall. Organized by: UNESCO, Greek Unit of the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics (Haifa), the NKUoA Applied Philosophy Research Lab, Center of Biopolitics and NKUoA Institutional Speech Research Lab.
  • «Ο θάνατος στην εικονική πραγματικότητα: γεγονότα και ηθικά διλήμματα» [“Death in VR: facts and ethical dilemmas”], 2nd Interdisciplinary Symposium Life before death: Ευ ζην και ευ θνήσκειν, March 29 – April 1, Orthodox Academy of Crete, Chania.


  • «Μία προσπάθεια ανάλυσης του Ρηγικού μοντέλου εκπαίδευσης σε σχέση με τις πρώιμες εκπαιδευτικές επιλογές των ελληνορθόδοξων κοινοτήτων» [“An effort on analyzing the education model of Rigas (Velestinlis) in accordance with the early educational choices of the Hellenic-orthodox communities”], 7th International Symposium Ferai-Velestino-Rigas: History, Archeology, Folklore of Rigas Feraios Municipality, October 6 – 8, Velestino.


  • «Η Δημοκρατία ως στοιχείο πολιτισμού στη σκέψη του Κων/νου Δεσποτόπουλου» [The Democracy element of civilization in Konstantinos Despotopoulos’ thought”], 1st Hellenic Undergraduate Philosophy Congress. December 16 - 18, NTUoA, Athens.
  • «Η Μηχανή ως Κυρίαρχος: Ο Αριστοτέλης και το ζήτημα της αλληλεπίδρασης ανθρώπου – μηχανής» [“The Dominant Machine: Aristotle and the human – machine interaction problem”]. 5th Interdisciplinary Symposium Philosophy and Cosmology: Dedication to Aristotle. October 18 - 20, Faculty of Philosophy, NKUoA, Athens.


Organizing Conferences



  • Member of the Organizing Committee of the Conference “Aristotle’s philosophy now and then”, Organized by: Conatus – Journal of Philosophy & NKUA Applied Philosophy Research Laboratory, December 15, Alkis Argiriadis Amphitheate, NKUoA.