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Georgios D. Salamouras


Thesis title: Genetic Improvement Interventions: ethical and deontological approaches. 

Georgios D. Salamouras has graduated from the Department of Social Theology of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He holds a Master degree in "Philosophy" in the direction of "History of Philosophy" of the Department of Philosophy of Pedagogy and Psychology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, and he is a PhD candidate at the Panteion University. The title of the Doctoral Thesis is Genetic Improvement Interventions: ethical and deontological approaches. Since 2010 he has been working as a trainer at the Public Vocational Training Institutes. His research interests are in the field of Philosophy and Law in general, and in particular concern issues related to the area of Applied Philosophy, Human Rights and especially those related to Bioethics, as well as, issues related to adult education. He has taken part in announcements at international and domestic conferences and workshops, and his articles have been included in scientific journals.

e-mail: salamouras.g@gmail.com gsalamouras@ppp.uoa.gr


Presentations at scientific conferences:

Georgios D. Salamouras, "Genetic Improvement: Promise or Chimera", World Bioethics Day Solidarity and Cooperation Place: University of Athens (Main Building, Propylaea) Date: 23 October 2018 Organizers: United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO Chair in Bioethics University of Haifa, Laboratory of Applied Philosophy, Contemporary Philosophy, Biopolitical Research Center, Institute for the Study of Institutional Logic, Research Center for Bioethics and Law at Panteion University.

Georgios D. Salamouras, "Eight-life:" right "the good death or shielding of the dignified life?", 2nd Interdisciplinary Symposium: "Life Before Death: Livelihood and Livelihood", Place: Orthodox Academy of Crete, Date: March 29 - April 1, 2018, Organizers: Orthodox Academy of Crete (OAK), School of Health Sciences of the University of Crete, University of Ioannina School of Health Sciences, Laboratory of Bioethics University of Crete, Foundation for Technology and Research, University of Philosophy Patras and National School Public Health.

 Georgios D. Salamouras, "The distinction of virtues and the virtue of friendship according to Aristotle", Scientific Conference: The Philosophical Thought of Aristotle, then and today. Place: Main Building of the University of Athens, "Ioannis Drakopoulos" Amphitheater. Date: December 15, 2016. Organizers: Department of Philosophy of Pedagogy and Psychology National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Laboratory of Applied Philosophy, National Technical University of Athens, Conatus journal of Philosophy.

Georgios D. Salamouras, "The Obstetrics Method of Socrates and its Use in the Educational Process", 8th Panhellenic Conference: " The “WHAT” and the “HOW” " in Education, Teaching, Research and Learning:  listen and forget -  see and remember -  do and understand. " Place: Stoa of Book - Titania Hotel. Date: 18-19 November 2016. Organizers: Hellenic Institute of Applied Education and Education.

Georgios D. Salamouras, "The notion of virtue through Homeric epics and its subsequent exploration as a good in moral philosophy", 25 Years EUROCLASSICA: "SUNDAY IOVILION" (1991-2016). Place: Homer's Cultural Center of the Municipality of Chios. Date: 23-29 August 2016. Organizers: EUROCLASSICA, Hellenic Philological Society of Classical Studies, Academia Homerica.

Georgios D. Salamouras, "Distinction and Topicality of Aristotelian Virtues", World Congress in Philosophy (WCP 2016): "The Philosophy of Aristotle". Location: School of Philosophy, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. Date: 09-15 July 2016. Organizers: International Society of Greek Philosophy, Hellenic Philosophical Society, Cyprus Philosophical Society.

Georgios D. Salamouras, "The Value of Lifelong Learning and the Modern Role of Adult Trainer" 3rd Conference: "Young Educator" Place: Eugenides Foundation. Date: 16-17 April 2016. Organizers: Young Educator.

Georgios D. Salamouras, "Heraclitus and the Problem of Change", 8th Panhellenic Philosophy Conference: "On Physics: Natural, Human and Tragic in Pre-Socratic Philosophy". Location: Thessaloniki History Center. Date: 18-19 March 2016. Organizers: Philosophy: Semi-Annual Philosophical Review.