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Tatia Basilaia

Tatia Basilaia is from the city of Poti in the country of Georgia. She has a BA in philosophy from Tbilisi State University and an MA from the Cevro Institute in Prague. Currently, she is studying for a PhD in applied ethics at Charles University in Prague. Her working dissertation is titled “Aristotle’s Theory of Good Human Life and Its Relevance Today.” She is working on her research under the guidance of her supervisor, Dr. David Rybák. She has been active in academic conferences and workshops across Europe for the last few years of her academic career and has been particularly involved in Aristotelian studies. She loves learning about the philosophical contributions of all periods of history but has a particular admiration for the ancient Greeks. Aristotle's philosophy and ethics are her foremost interests, especially his understanding of happiness, the right measure of virtue, and good human life. She wants to contribute to contemporary intellectual discussions concerning Aristotelian ethics. She is excited to intern at the NKUA Applied Philosophy Research Lab, situated in one of the most influential cities in the history of Western civilization.


Miguel Toledo Romero

Miguel Toledo Romero was born in Cuenca, Ecuador in 1997 and then moved to Málaga, Spain in 2012. He holds a BSc in Philosophy from University of Málaga, Spain. His Bachelor Thesis is entitled: “Saint Thomas of Aquino’s contributions on the concept of will in Aristotle”. His general research interest focuses on Metaphysics, Bioethics, Ethics, Applied Ethics, Sociology, Indigenism Human Development and History of Philosphy. He has a passion with Ancient Greek Philosophy because he believes that it has much more to teach us about the human being concept. He has participated in meetings and conferences about Plato, and debates about Philosophy of Nature and Prevalent Currents of Philosophy. Due to his Ancient Greek Philosophy background, he decided to do an intership at the NKUA Applied Philosophy Research Lab, in the country where philosophy was born, in Greece.